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GoPro Raw Footage Ability

Let me start by defining what raw footage is. It is unprocessed plain data from the image sensor of your camera. It allows for a much higher image quality but it takes much longer to get to an end product.

Canon gopro shoot raw

GoPro is world renowned as the adventure camera everybody loves to use and is the perfect companion for professionals to amateurs. They have improved on every model that they have released and now they have made it easier for professionals that are looking to edit their work for a high quality finish. You will find that the GoPro camera from the Hero5 Black up until the current model will allow you to capture raw footage.

You can access this feature when you are in Photo Capture Mode, you will then set your field of view to wide, turn off the Pro-Tune feature and once you have turned off the Wide Dynamic Range you will be set to take the highest quality Raw Footage with your GoPro camera. It will not capture the Raw Format if you try and use any other feature so it does have limitations for raw footage. All Raw footage will be saved as a .GPR file which you can access in your editing software.

A .GPR file is similar to Adobe’s DNG format and is based on it. Your GoPro camera will also save a JPEG image with your raw footage which means you will have the ready to use and the editing versions of each.

It will also save as a .wave file for your video and audio but it can also save a MP4 version, you will be able to edit with more advanced software using a .wave file extension and you will also be able to set the standard of audio depending on what the audio will be used for. The higher the setting means the harder you will work and the longer it will take.

To conclude this review I would like to say that you will be able to shoot in Raw Format using the latest GoPro cameras; it will have limitations with the way you can take pictures and videos. If you want to take adventurous shots then this camera is perfect for you and I would recommend it.

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