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Which lenses to use with the Canon 70D?

The first aspect of the Canon 200mm F2 lens up for review are its specifications and technical details. The aperture on this lens ranges from f/2.0 to f/22 and is composed of a 13 elements/9 groups lens construction, which prevents the onset of lens flare and ghosting in photos in conjunction with the nanocrystal lens coating.

best Canon 70D lens

The minimum focusing distance of the lens is approximately 6.2 feet and the focusing can be controlled via automatic or manual functions. There are 3 ED glass elements and 1 Super ED glass elements in this lens and the standard filter size is 52 mm. This is an outstandingly large lens: it measures approximately 5 x 8 inches and weighs roughly six pounds.

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There are far too many claims made by the manufacturer regarding this lens to list, but here are a few of the most notable ones. For starters, three focus modes allow for increased focus control versatility and can be quickly switched from one to another.

Thanks to Vibration Reduction Image Stabilization, this lens can shoot at one-quarter of the traditional minimum shutter speed. The three ED elements counteract any effects of chromatic aberration and enhance color and sharpness, regardless of the current aperture. Finally, the internal focus supposedly allows for auto-focus without alteration of the lens length while maintaining the working distance in the entire focus range.

This 200 mm lens by Canon is an outstanding performer and is recommended to those who can afford it: very successful photographers, news stations/newspapers and other journalistic entities. Costing approximately $6000, this is not a casual lens so only the most invested photographers will ever have a chance to personally employ this device. The Canon 200mm F2 lens is one of the highest quality lenses in the world and as such is a lens god among mortals.

The above lens is the best to use that every photographer needs to have.

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